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Your life’s value in this world is like tomorrow…it never ends…

I was unemployed at the end of September 2012 from my previous position. It came at a vulnerable time for me, and came fast. Because of the complexity of bureaucracy, I along with two of my co-workers lost our jobs. Immediately, I could not but help to think about my co-workers who had major obligations as well. I also thought about how my money helps those around me time to time. I guess I care more for those around me than myself, especially when it comes to a fruitless commodity like money. I was not upset at my former bureaucratic power bosses; instead I’m thankful for them. They gave me a job before I even graduated with my master’s. The essence of God’s love is forgiveness, and moving beyond a trapped mentality of man’s blind anger. I’m free and a man who struggles to progression, but makes the effort regardless without excuses. My worth is not solely economic. I did think about student loan payments, bills, etc. I didn’t let it consume me. I think in terms of confidentiality of your situations, it’s best to find a resolution before telling the masses. Even with the money, I didn’t let it consume me because humility of the past would not let me. Instead, as ALWAYS even when no tragedies have not taken place, I prayed.

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